Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve

Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve provides online-verifiable high-integrity positive shut-off, and is a safe and reliable replacement for the old two-valve system. Globally, the valve has emerged as the industry standard for movement and storage of petroleum products in refineries, tank farms and terminals.

L&T Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve is designed in accordance with key international standards. It also meets the requirements of major oil & gas industry standards and customer specifications.

Salient features:

  • Double Block & Bleed Valve.
  • Mechanically-assisted sealing – Reliable bubble-tight shut-off at low and high pressures.
  • Cavity Pressure Relief System (provided to relieve the built up cavity pressure).
  • Non-lubricated – Sealant not required to achieve zero leakage.
  • Unique valve operation mechanism – Segments do not rub against seats during plug rotation
  • Cavity Relief System – Prevents body cavity pressure build-up. Pressure relieved to upstream or downstream based on customer requirement.
  • On-line maintenance – Segments can be replaced on line.
  • Fire-Safe
  • Drain provided for online verification/ draining the cavity.